Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Certainty and Uncertainty

There are two facts of life: Certainty and Uncertainty. What we are doing now is certain. I am travelling now in a train, it is certain. I know that this train is going to my destination. However, I don’t know, if I will reach there or not. Anything can happen on my way to the destination. This is uncertainty. Though I can’t do anything about it, I will have to work for it.
Our life is a constant struggle between certain and uncertain events. Present or now is certain and future or coming moment is uncertain. All of us need to know how to balance between these two. Some people say, live in present and not in past or future. Though past is gone and we can’t do anything about it; future will become present in next moment and present will become past. We can’t escape all three. If I don’t do any work I may live for today or tomorrow with out any food. However, can I live with out doing something for day after tomorrow? I may not survive to live it. We need to understand that, what we are doing today will have implications tomorrow. So we are told to live in present or in other words, give our heart and soul to today. We have to live spiritually for today and materially for tomorrow. We all have certain responsibility for our body and our immediate surrounding (family, society) and we need to survive and work for it. However, our spirituality is only ours and no one can take it or work for it. Each human being needs to srtive towards his/her goal in life and work for it. One can remain happy if there is a proper balance with consciousness between certainty and uncertainty. This is one of the biggest challenge of mankind.

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