Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Natural Way

Some one asked me on the name of the blog. Why did you name it "The Natural Way"? Well, I had to give it a name, which has some meaning and reflects my thoughts or writing. I did contemplate on it and here is what came out.

If you give time to nature, it will evolve and adapt itself. Be it humans, animals, plants, each and everything in this universe will adapt itself, survive and evolve or change according to the environment. The problem comes when we try to change the adaptation or evolution. Lets look at two most important issues facing the mankind: Nature of Human Mind and Natural World (Environment).

The human mind is one of the most complex system ever known. All that you touch, see, smell, hear is only possible because of this instrument. To control it or guide is the most difficult task. Most of the time we are controlled or guided by the mind and not vice-versa. However, the mind functions with the help of our memory which is part of the mind. All our actions or reactions are guided by our past experiences. The logical mind checks with the memory and acts. Take for instance a child touching the fire. First time, the child puts the finger out of curiosity. Naturally it will burn or intense heat can be felt. Next time the child sees a fire, the logical mind will check with memory and stop the hand from going there. Now imagine what all we have stored in our memory from years. There are millions of pictures, sounds, instructions stored in our memory. All our actions today are prompted by it. Now above it we have an intellect which is the true nature of our self. With our experience and time, the intellectual mind gains power to decide. Armed with this power of decision making we can take good or bad decisions. These have direct impact on our lives today and days to come.

What will happen if we allow the mind to function naturally and with out any disturbances? We force values, instruction, theories, religion and thousands of other things on a child that his/her mind does not act to its true nature. On the contrary, a child's mind becomes somewhat exact replica of the parents, teachers and so on. The child is told what to do, or not do for every independent actions. what is good or bad for the kid is decided by the parents and society. By the time the child grows up, it is too late. What happens when the child is not forced to do something? Most of the time chances are that, the child will grow up and become a matured person and successful in whatever work he/she is doing. This is proven time and again by the most successful people in all fields. The secret is that, they started doing what they loved early in their life. LOVE, PASSION, FULL OF ENERGY, CURIOSITY, CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, COURAGE, HONESTY and I can go on to describe a successful person. What is the true nature of the child or human mind? If we ask this question, we will find the same words which we used to describe a successful person. All children by nature are curious, have lot of energy, creative. They love everyone including animals and plants. When faced with challenge while playing, they come up with innovative ways of solving it. If we observe a child we will find it very easily.

The challenge is to find the true nature of a child. Parents and elders should ask some basic questions before forcing anything on the child. The child sould be encouraged to do what he/she loves to do. We force certain value systems, education, religion, people, places, jobs, sports, music and I can go on and on. These things become barrier to the growth or evolution of human mind.

Now lets, apply the same theory to the environment. Mankind, has always been changing nature to suit itself. All other living beings in this world adapt to the environment and not change. In this way they evolve and nature helps them to grow. We have changed this world so much that, it is becoming a barrier to our survival in future. Our quest of changing and conquering nature has become the biggest threat to human beings and all other living beings.

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