Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet & Sour Prawn curry

Sweet & Sour Prawn curry

Last weekend I tried to do some experiment and cook Prawn curry in a different method. It was a risk worth taking, as it came out really great. I suggest you try to cook in this method and give me feedback. Cooking is an art like photography. You need to keep trying and suddenly unlock the secret of a great recipe. I take many photographs of the same subject/ object and one out of five comes great. Cooking is similar. If you like experimenting, you will surely become a great cook. So lets see, how to make this geat curry. My preperation is for two people, and you can increase the ingredients if you prepare the dish for more people.


Take 10/12 pieces of Cooked Prawns (I used cooked one which we get in the store, you can try with fresh ones also.) and mix with marination which we prepared.

For the marination, add the following ingredients and mix them well with the Prawn and leave it for 1-2 Hrs.

- 3 T-Spoon of Curd/ Yoghurt
- 1/2 T-Spoon of Turmeric Powder
- 1/2 T-Spoon of Chilli Powder (Optional if you want spicy)
- 1/2 T-Spoon of Oil
- 1 T-Spoon of Ginger Paste
- 1 T-Spoon of garlic Paste
- 1/2 T-Spoon Salt

Heat 1 T-Spoon of Oil in a pan in medium heat. Add 1/2 T-Spoon of Cumin Seeds. Add half finely chopped onion and saute. Ensure that, it cooked but not completely brown. Now add the marinated mix with prawns. Now add a T-Spoon of Cumin and Coriander Powder. Reduce the heat and cook it for few minutes. Now add 1 T-Spoon of Lime Juice or Tamarind Pulp. I prefer Tamarind for sourness. Also check if you need to add salt or not. Also add a pinch of sugar. Leave the pan covered for five minutes and allow the prawns to cook. Serve it with rice.

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