Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

We have seen the increase in bottled water consumption over the years. Traditionally water has been a public resource and was supplied by government bodies through tapes. However, the bottled water companies with the fancy ads started impacting the minds of people. How much we pay for these bottled water? I think some cases more than milk. Moreover, the environment impact is huge. The plastic water bottles take 1000 years to decompose. We buy the bottled water and throw it in garbage bin. We don't care where it goes and dumped. So if you are buying bottled water, you are paying thousands times more than tap water and also helping in polluting the environment. Its easy to carry a bottle around and use simple filteration method at home to filter the water.

abc News clip on Bottled Water vs Tap Water:

CNN News Clip:

One more clip:

Know more about bottled water:

Think Out of Bottled Water

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