Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been away for some time now from work and my past lifestyle. It is been a big change, after I tried to align myself with my values and what I want my life to be from now on. When I reflect back a year or so...I find today I have much more time for myself then I ever had. Also, I got to spend lot of time with my family.

However, some people asked me WHY now? and WHY at all? This is a really good question. I also asked myself these question when I started. Though I wanted to downshift, but earlier I thought, let me give myself ten years and then start. But, now when I look back, its better to start now then ten years later. For me it is to getting a better balance between time and money. You can get caught up in working hard and creating money then spend more to counteract that. What matters is the difference between what comes in, what goes out and whether you enjoy what you do.

The starting place for me was, when I got a break. We are so busy in our day to day work and future planning that we don't get time to reflect on the journey. When I got a chance, WHY not? Also, its important to understand that, the journey is unique to the individual. What, When is good for me may not be good for others.

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