Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Downshifting - Starting the journey

The blog is a result of our (me & my wife) downshifting journey. However, I decided to write about it little late to wait and see if I am on right track. Its time that I recognize and share my downshifting journey.

It all started when I found that life is not only about earning and spending. There are much more than that...which I failed to recognize for ten years. So back in Aug 2008, I started this journey.

I decided to leave a well paying job in a metro and do nothing for some time. Now when I look back at this period I found, how much I was missing. It was like a rat race...You go to college, find a job, work hard and move up, earn more money, buy car, home etc.. get married and keep working hard to earn to sustain the life style. This is a typical case of a college educated young man/women in India. Most of the time the job chooses you and not vice versa. I guess this is more to do with the social and cultural fabric of India. I have found very small percentage of people get to do what they love starting their childhood.

So I decided to stop in the middle of the race and moved away to watch it for some time. It was amazing to find, how much I have missed in this ten years. we chase big goals and forget the small joys that come to us every day. Will continnue...

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