Friday, April 10, 2009

Ecological Architecture - A Technology Demonstrator Building in Bangalore

While doing some research on eco-architecture, I came across several people who are working in this field. However, as an Indian, I was very much interested to see if some one who is working on this. I knew Mr. Laurie Baker did great work in this field. People in Auroville, India also practice sustainable community living. However, I was delighted find a couple in Bangalore, India: Mr S. Vishwanath and Ms Chitra Viswanath who not only talk about sustainable living but demonstrated this through their living. They are also doing great work in rain water hervasting and you can find it on their website. If they can live and show how to live with nature and and not against is possible in big cities, I am sure all of can start by taking baby steps towards sustainable living.

Find more about rain water harvesting at:
You can enjoy the video and see the eco-building and the simple, yet very effective technology used.

Part One:

Part Two:

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