Monday, April 27, 2009

Cusine of Orissa

I am a foodie and like travelling to different places to explore the culture and food habits. I found lot of websites and resources of Indian cuisine. However, when we talk of Indian food, most people think of either South Indian and North Indian food. Then you have sub-divisions like Punjabi, Andhra, Kerela or Mughlai and so on.

Indians follow different religion, cultures and the food habits reflects it. If you travel around India and taste the food of different regions, you can know the history and culture of the region.

I found very little references on cuisine of Orissa. People often think that food habit of Orissa is same as Bengal. That is why, there is very little information on oriya foods in Internet. I have found some websites coming up in last few years only. With in Orissa also we have different types of cuisines. We mostly talk about the food of eastern region. However, the tribal regions of north and south orissa, western region also have very rich food history. Since I come from western part of Orissa, I thought, will write on the history, tradition and food habits of western Orissa which is lesser known.

I will also try to go down the memory lane and find out what my mother and grandmothers have been cooking for generations. I hope to find out some old recepies and update them in the blog.

Will keep posting...

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