Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Fisherman Story

One of my favorite stories – you might have read it before...

There was this city banker who was on a holiday near the beach. Though this place was far from the city, it was a very good fishing village and a unpsoiled beach. He saw a group of fisherman enjoying the sunset, drinking and singing. He thought that they must have got a good catch today and celebrating. He went near them and asked one of the fisherman, how the fishing is going on. One of the elder fisherman said its going good. The banker as usual started asking some question to know the nature of business.

He asked the elder fisherman, how many boats he has. Fisherman said, he has a small boat and he goes to the sea in that with his son. The banker said, I can arrange you loan from the bank and you can buy five large boats. The fisherman asked then what.. banker said, you can keep some people and go far into the sea and catch more fish. You can supply the fish to the city and make millions. The fisherman asked, this banker "What you will do if you have million dollar?" The banker said: "I will buy a house near the beach and drink and live happily." The fisherman said, don't you see thats what I am doing now.

Again, this idea might seem so basic that it doesn’t need repeating. And yet it is resisted by many people as a knee-jerk reaction. A basic level of material resources are needed, yes. But beyond that, it really makes no difference. So why do we resist it or even feel the urge to attack such a statement? What does it challenge inside us? If one honestly tries to answer these questions, the answers can be revealing.


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