Friday, April 10, 2009

Smart Use Of Urban Roof Top in Bangalore, India

In urban landscape of Bangalore, there is a house which is unique. In what way?... How may you have imagined paddy(rice) growing on roof top. Well there is one couple, who have changed the way of rice is grown. I was born in a village in India and then moved to cities. I have seen large rice fields with full of water and people working. I had never thought that it is possible for some one to even think of growing rice on roof top in a city like Bangalore. After watching the video, I am proven wrong. It is possible and successfully practiced by Mrs & Mr Vishwanath in Bangalore, India. I know, I might sound like mad...but check out guys.. the video posted by Mr. Vishwanath in Youtube.

Simple and smart solution for complex issues and working with nature is going to be the key to survival. We are witnessing the Peak-Oil phenomenon. I am sure the way we are using fossil fuel, the planet can't sustain such use of fossil fuel. We all need to wake up to this fact and start working together to save this planet for our next generations to live.


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