Monday, April 27, 2009

"Pakhal" - Receipe of Western Orissa

Pakhal is the typically rice cooked and soaked in water. It is very popular in Orissa. I remember most of the people in our region eat Pakhal during summer. It is recommended during summer to avoid heat stroke. The "Basi-Pakhal" or Pakhal which is kept for 12-24 Hrs and left for fermentation is very good for summers.

There are many additions to Pakhal. It can be combined with curd, onions or fried whole masala can be added. So lets learn, how to make Pakhal.


Step 1: Cook rice and allow it to cool down. You may or may not drain the water. However, I suggest not to drain it. The water in which rice is cooked is rich in carbohydrates. For "Basi-Pakhal" you can leave it for 12-24 Hrs.

Step 2: Take some day chilli, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, two cloves of garlic fry that with litle oil.

Step 3: Pour the fried mix into Pakhal.

Step 4: Add curd into it, if you want.

Step 5: Salt to taste.

Serve Pakhal with vegetable fry, curry, fish fry or any side dish.

In Western part of Orissa, we eat Pakhal with Tamato Chutney (Patalghanta Chut Chuta), Sag (Cooked leafy herbs) and Potato Fries (Alu Bhaja).

Try cooking the simple yet great receipe...

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